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Different Types of Logo

Logos. We see it everywhere, in our home, in the street, on television, the internet. But we never brood on the meaning a logo has. There is a lot of meaning behind each logo, that many of us aren't aware of. What is a logo? To say, in simple words, a logo represents a brand. If you aim to build a strong brand identity, an impact logo design is a must. Every logo has a story to tell, many efforts, luck and creativity. So, knowing the advantages of different types of logo will be better before logo designing.  

The emblem is the oldest logo, beginning from middle age onward. In the emblem, a text is enclosed inside the symbol. Emblem stands out from the rest without isolating its elements. A type of logo in the emblem form is sure to win brand reliability and quality. The classical look of the emblem is what makes government agencies and educational institutions choose an emblem. The automobile industries mostly prefer emblems. Some of the famous examples are MasterCard, Starbucks, Harley Davidson, Volkswagen, BMW, to name a few. 


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